Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fairy Moon card

I love fairies and angels- so I really enjoyed putting this card together.The base card is ivory. The background has got to be one of the easiest backgrounds to do. I used the Kaszazz masking tape and just layered various designs across and cut it off. Easy. You can leave a gap in the design and stamp a small happy birthday repeatedly to also add to the effect.
I then stamped this gorgeous fairy stamp- the name of it eludes me- so if you know, please let me know so I can acknowledge the creator. I coloured it using tria markers- which I love. I then cut out a circle and did a light blend of gray and purple on the moon for effect.
Quite a simple card really, but really enjoyable to make.
Happy crafting.x


  1. Hi Debs, the image is Whimsy Stamps Silver Fairy designed by Sylvia Zet of Wee Stamps. I have the same one !!

  2. Oh, thanks for that. I love it, but don't always keep the paperwork with the stamps names!!

  3. Clever! I have not used tape yet. Looks gorgeous