Sunday, September 26, 2010

September Page....

Finally! I have completed my September calendar page almost in time for October!! I"m going to get working on October tomorrow- you'll see, it's going to be great!
Anyway, this page was actually started quite a while ago. I have a great love for Stampin up papers as well as Creative memory pages! I know I'm not supposed to, but, I just do. Anyway, I can't tell you which papers they are, but they do co-ordinate really well. The paper flower was a labour of love- encouraged by my friend Jude who really wanted it on the page! Anyway, it does look right there. For the flower, all you have to do is hand draw some concentric circles on the back of your paper. Then you get tearing. That's the fun part (I'm being sarcastic.). The end result is something beautiful, but you might need alcohol to get there.
Anyway, enjoy your browse, and don't forget to look back into the archives for further inspiration.
Take care