Thursday, December 2, 2010

Selection of cards from Retreat!!

 This one was done by me using the umbrella stamp that was part of a challenge- and was it ever!!
 This one was Libby's Ezy-Press card- I just loved this- really good.
 This was the challenge pack for Sherryl and I think she certainly created something great.
 This was just me playing about using the Ezy-press and experimenting with stamping words in different directions.
 A great shrinky Dink card from Robyn- she's so good with Shrinky! We used Lyra crayons with this- great fun.
This was the challenge pack from Sheona, simple but effective card. Very often these kind of cards are great for "thinking of you".

Anyway, just wanted to share what some of my talented consultants have been up to. Thanks girls for making 2010 such an inspirational one - Keep those great ideas rolling.....
Hope this has inspired you a little to go and create some fantastic cards!
                                                      Take care