Monday, July 11, 2011

Art Journal #2

This page was fun because I created the background using inks and stamps. It's great to let yourself be free with them.I just love trees, so it seemed natural to do a tree. I used the kaszazz stamps and the ezy press for the leaves. I just love the leaf die . I punched the blossoms out of SB paper using the small scallop punch. As I was doing this I was pondering how our lives change and move through different seasons, this really is theraputic.

 Sorry for the strange placement- the computer has a mind of its own!! This actually started out as me sticking down some SB paper to cover the ink that had leaked through from the other page. I then wanted to use distress crackle paint in white, so I just painted it and then thought it looked a bit waterfallish. It all just grew from there. I added bits of smooch to highlight as well as glitter. The words on here are: Give thanks. It doesn't matter who you thank, just make sure you are grateful to family, friends, for situations and give thanks to any higher power whom you worship if that's your thing. It can do so much for your soul to be grateful. It lifts you up and helps you to soar.
Well, that's my bit of art and philosophy for today.
Hope you have a great week.
Take care

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